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Dataiku’s mission is big: to enable all people throughout companies around the world to use data by removing friction surrounding data access, cleaning, modeling, deployment, and more. But it’s not just about technology and processes; at Dataiku, we also believe that people (including our people!) are a critical piece of the equation.

203 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris, France

Pourquoi venir chez nous ?

Dataiku invests a lot in its employees and it starts right from the beginning with a great onboarding week in Paris (for all global new hires) and our famous After Data Drinks on Thursday during that week. They like to bring people all together once a year in a foreign country to work on the strategy but also to create a strong bond between the different teams worldwide. On the perks side, they also have great working space with drinks, breakfast, video games (PS4, Nintendo Switch), pool table, foosball table. For those into real sport and not just Fifa ;-) they offer yoga classes.

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