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Caterva is a high-tech start-up company, well-funded, and run by experienced entrepreneurs. Their headquarters are in Pullach, a 15 minute commute from central Munich. Start-up companies are dynamic and exciting, so Caterva are looking for smart people, who relish a challenge and have a can-do attitude.

Pourquoi venir chez nous ?

Caterva Technology The mains power system is moving into a world of decentralized systems, comparable to the move from mainframe computers to personal computers. Decentralized storage systems will play a key role. Caterva is developing the control software running on each storage system as well as the software running on the central control site. Caterva installed the first group of systems in 2014. In the future, hundreds, and even thousands of these storage systems will be combined virtually to create the equivalent of a major power plant, with the individual systems.