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We’re Spendesk, a FinTech SaaS Platform on a mission to take the hassle out of payments at work. We’re based in Paris but serve great teams all across Europe. We believe there’s a better way to manage team spend, and we’re building the platform to do just that. With Spendesk, employees can pay for what they need without creating more work for the finance team.

Spendesk was founded in June 2016 by eFounders, a startup studio in Paris. Drivy, Konbini, Dataiku, and Deezer were among our first customers, and now we’re proud to say we serve 1,400+ fast-growing companies.

28 Rue d'Hauteville, 75010 Paris, France

Pourquoi venir chez nous ?

We are growing really fast and we have a lot of ambition as we intend to be the default way people will pay at work in the future by giving more autonomy to the employees. In order to accomplish this goal we are raising funds to scale up, with in our line of sight the US market and a focus on mid-market companies, so we are facing a lot of technical challenges that require many improvement to our product : Public API, reliability, performance, microservice architecture, UI, UX...

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